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Hey There!

I’m Ali – I’m a transformational life coach…

A What Now? 

I throw phrases around like ‘live your best life’ and ‘find your authenticity’ and some people look at me like I’m bonkers (which I kind of am).

Others eye-roll and think that I’m just another coach looking to change people’s lives whilst sitting at home crying my eyes out because I don’t have my best life yet (PS I was there) 

So what does all the fluff mean? 

It basically means getting you confident in what you want to do with your life, organising all the crap out, and sorting you out with a plan of how you’re going to get there. A little bit at a time. 

Sounds easy, right?       Well, that’s the funny thing. 

If it were easy, you’d be doing it already.

What’s missing? 

So why aren’t we all out there running around ‘reaching our potential’ and loving every day waking up filled with joy and excitement and all that bs…

Mainly because we don’t know where to start, no idea how to get there and no real idea of where ‘there’ actually is.

Let me guess where you’re at…

Life is pretty mad hectic and yet somehow you’re busy but don’t feel like you’re getting much done – not the ‘important stuff’ anyway.

The books you want to read are sitting on the shelf, the new career or little business of your own you wanted hasn’t even begun to happen and you’ve started so many little projects and not completed them.

Reign in the guilt and the negative self-talk.

Day to day things mostly get done last minute and while you tell yourself you thrive on the pressure, it really is all just an excuse. And deep down you know it.

Did I really just say that??

Let me help you GYST!

I know, though, because I was one of those people too. I understand what’s happening here. 

Life’s easy! Why make it more difficult by changing what’s already working?

And what if it doesn’t turn out to be better at all and you’ve made a massive mistake. (Cue more guilt, more negative self-talk) 

It’s a negative life loop. Round and round you go, thinking about change, working out you can’t possibly achieve it, talking yourself out of it and coming back to the place you were before or even taking a step back.

And that sucks. 

Because those big, important, life changing ideas? The things that are really key to ‘living your best life’? You know, the transformational stuff? They’re still there. Taunting you. Tempting you to think about them. 

What if… 

I told you that these things aren’t about making massive overwhelming changes. True transformation doesn’t happen over night.

It comes from a series of small, 1% changes done frequently and consistently. 

And in order to do that , you need to make systems and that’s where GYST comes in. 

I started my journey with this lady when I was at rock bottom and she was amazing in helping me reflect and understand what was going on in my life.

Nicole W

I was all over the place. I had a million ideas but was overwhelmed with the sheer number of them. Through our work, I was able to uncover my niche, find clarity, and remove various roadblocks.

Joanna S

Ali managed to open my mind into a series of the most amazing changes in my life and my business. It was so much more than telling me “you can do it, girl!”

Jagoda W

Transformational change is made in the little things moving a little closer every day. 

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