I’m Ali Poulton and there’s one thing I know for sure… 

If you can transform your thinking, you can transform your life.

But sometimes life can be overwhelming

Let me know if this sounds like you:


You have a vision of where you want to be in the future. However, you fall into the ‘over thinking trap’ about what it will take to get there and you procrastinate on unimportant things. 

You have mental blocks that cause doubts and fears and stop you from chasing your biggest dreams.

You lack the confidence to be uniquely you because you’re secretly afraid of what people will say!

Your inner critic is constantly on your case telling you everything has to be perfect before you can get on with anything and that stresses you out. 

I get you!

I was that person. Spinning circles doing the unimportant stuff, pretending to be busy yet not really achieving anything. I had a voice in my head that was telling me that I wasn’t good enough and I actually listened to it. Until I learned how to shut it up!

what I see NOW…


Imposter syndrome – thinking who the heck do I think I am to be doing the things that I’m doing.

Anxiety and paralysing fear – of whether what they’re doing is good enough, whether they have what it takes to succeed.

Wondering if you should do yet another course, read one more self-help book, watch a different YouTuber explain how to do things to help them get out of this rut.

Wasting far too much time posting on social media and wishing for the likes to come in.

Having no real plan for the future and just going round in circles not getting very far very quickly. 


Big dreams feel completely out of reach because you have no idea if what you’re doing is actually working or if people are ‘getting’ you. You’re throwing your time and energy into working on one thing after another without getting anywhere and then feeling like a failure and ultimately giving up.


It doesn’t have to be this way!

I’m here to tell you that what you need is someone to help you get out of your head! Someone to run through all the ideas with, to help you focus on what to prioritise; someone who will push you out of your comfort zone and get you taking the action you need to take.

where to start  

Realise that your mind is sabotaging you and that you need to get help working through what’s going on. 

Work through the fears of not being good enough, that people are going to judge you, or laugh at you and actually BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.

Develop some realistic and kick-ass plans of what to do to move your forward that you feel a little bit wee-your-pants excited about.

Understand how your mindset works and develop strategies to strengthen your self-confidence.

Know how to talk about yourself and what you do with confidence so that people will be drawn to you and just HAVE to work with you. 


I CAN help you if…


Things like:

Be willing to open up about the worries and the fears. Really dig deep into why you are afraid. Then do something about each and every one.

Focus on the coaching and what needs to be done instead of being distracted by other shiny objects and courses. I need you with me whilst we’re coaching!

Get back to core and work ON yourself.

Get busy creating a strategy that will actually work. 

Be ready to do the homework. 

Share all the good times and the bad times and realise that these are just part of life and playing bigger in the world.  

Don’t quit!

So Who am I to help you?


I’m a transformtional life and mindset coach…

I help you get over all the doubtful fears and crap that goes on in your head and build a life  doing things you love. 

Before training in transformational mindset coaching, I was a professional photographer for 8 years, building my business from home whilst also being a full time Mum.

I am massively into personal development and always have a couple of self-help books on the go. 

I believe that in order to make it through our busy lives, we actually need to slow down. I encorporate mindfulness, journalling and meditation in every day of my life. 



random facts about me:

I prefer instant coffee to ‘the proper stuff’ much to the horror of my husband who drinks coffee like an Italian.   

I have lived in the UK, Spain, France and New Zealand. 

I love cheesey motivational quotes. 

 I run a local Beaver Scout group and my name is Otter. 

I met my husband and got married within 11 month. 14 years later, we have 2 beautiful girls, an old Springer Spaniel, moved around the world twice, had our ups and downs and he’s still the only person I could live with (or is that would live with me?!)   

I have had many ‘proper’ jobs in my time and got bored pretty quickly in all of them. Ultimately, I love the freedom of doing something for myself. Helping others create their own freedom is just a massive part of my feel good factor. I get to know and love each of my clients (highly unadvised by all my mentors and teachers) but I can’t help but invest myself in their lives and success. For that I will never be sorry.

Understanding the changes that could help has been huge, with simple changes making a massive difference. Clearing the mind has been so important!

I now consider this to be one of the most important investments I have made in my business and more importantly myself.

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She helped me find ways that I was holding myself back both personally and professionally. Through her help, I came up with ways that I could “give myself grace, instead of guilt”, be OK that I wasn’t a Pinterest worthy Mom, and get over hurdles in my own business that could make me fall flat on my face and never get up.

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