Ali Poulton

Transformational Mindset Coach

Creating the Mindset for Success

Hi, I’m Ali. I’m a positive powerhouse of mindset magnificence waiting to work with incredible people so you can transform your thinking and transform your life. 

My Story

A few years ago now, I was building a photography business. I enjoy working with people and creating memories for them. My business wasn’t doing too well, I’ll be honest. I tried doing everything on my own and didn’t invest in anything I thought was too extravagent. 

I joined a group of photographers in business who introduced me to the world of personal development and my world just lit up. I could transform my life by transforming my thinking? It can’t be that simple!? 

And it’s not and it is. It just takes time, patience, a pinch of self-love and a whole lot of internal inspection. I believe that anyone is capable of creating success for themselves but that ‘success’ is highly personal to everyone. 

I still love working with people and now instead of creating memories, I help them create new, exciting futures. 


My Values & Beliefs

Personal Development and Growth

Self-awareness is absolutely core to developing a new mindset. Understanding where you currently are, what your current thoughts are and then creating new more empowering ones is key to success.

Balance & Fulfilment

A successful life has to have balance in all areas, not just one. Creating a life that is not only balanced but fulfilling is one of life’s biggest challenges and something that needs working on every single day. 


I want to feel successful in my life. I want my family to be happy. My business to make me financially indepedent. My health to be on top form. All of this with the above two create life success. 

Ali Poulton 

Qualified Transformational Mindset Coach

I’m motivated and ambitious. Organised and focused. Confident but not arrogant. I speak my mind. I get jobs done. 

And some days, I am none of the above, because I’m human.

On those days, I will read and write, explore what’s happening in my mind and realise that this is all part of life’s balance.

I work hard. Outside of building a successful coaching practise, I live on the lighter side. I have a daft sense of humour and definitely have a positive outlook on life. I am married with two beautiful girls and a springer spaniel.

My core values are balance, growth, success and fulfilment and I believe these are essential to having a life that makes you proud whilst still pushing you to do more to create success. 

My Approach

I work one-on-one with my clients through a powerful process of finding out where they are and creating a unique plan of action to move them forward into a creating the results they desire. 

I have designed two coaching programmes: one for personal life goals and results and one for budding entrepreneurs looking to build a business. I chose two niches because I am both. I love my personal life and I love being an entrepreneur and I want to work with other creative individuals like meand help them take over the world!


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