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Like all business owners, I’ve always wanted my company to succeed, however, I came to realise there was something holding it back – me!

After some soul searching I decided it was time to engage a coach to help my company move forward.

As an experienced solo entrepreneur in her own right, Ali has been completely non-judgemental and very easy to talk to.

With Ali’s help I have been able to unravel where I am with my business, where I want it to, and how I’m going to get it there. I have been able to address confidence issues that have held me back, and take steps I could not have envisaged myself doing before.

I am half way through my coaching journey and I can honestly say that coaching with Ali is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business.

Through our regular video sessions, WhatsApp messages in between calls and Ali’s insights, my business is now heading where I want it to go.

If you are concerned about making an investment in taking on a coach to help you/your business, it’s a step I would recommend taking, and would also completely endorse Ali to help you.

Stephanie P

Before my life coaching sessions with Ali, I had never thought about the process and certainly not placed such importance on my personal wellbeing over my business wellbeing. 
Through the confidence of talking with Ali, I have developed a clearer understanding of myself and my values and appreciated the changes I need to make. Moving the goalposts and actually taking a step back and seeing everything in retrospect, has made a big difference to me personally. I have never valued talks with someone more. 
Talking through business considerations and business issues has helped me develop tools to better apply myself. Understanding the changes that could help has been huge, with simple changes making a massive difference. Clearing the mind has been so important!
Having a better understanding of myself and my business, and developing a greater sense of wellbeing has changed my outlook immensely. 
Ali knows exactly how to bring the best from each session. From having never considered life coaching before, I now consider this to be one of the most important investments I have made in my business and more importantly myself.

Stuart J

Why would I give Ali 5 stars?? I came into coaching with almost 0 idea of what would happen, what we would talk about, nothing! What I did know is that I was working hard both on my photography business and in my life, but I needed help, something was missing. I didn’t know what it was, but I never felt like my life was mine. (if that makes sense, just going through the motions)

After our first meeting, where we pretty much make sure I’m comfortable with Ali, and she feels that she can truly help me. We started planning our sessions. During these sessions, she helped me find ways that I was holding myself back both personally and professionally. Through her help, I came up with ways that I could “give myself grace, instead of guilt”, be OK that I wasn’t a Pinterest worthy Mom, and get over hurdles in my own business that could make me fall flat on my face and never get up. I now have a planner that incorporates the things we talked about EVERY DAY, a bracelet that reminds me to Breathe and Slow Down, and a thought process that works to pave Positive Pathways instead of Negative ones! I continue to look to her for help and guidance, but not as someone above me. She is a peer or equal. She showed her struggles almost as much as I showed mine.

I was able to pull down walls with Ali that I have NEVER pulled down with anyone before! Through her coaching, I am constantly praising and promoting her work to friends and family. Coaching is a necessity that I never knew I needed!! When you are excelling or struggling you need a coach, they will lift you up and help you get over those “what if’s” and “I’m not good enough’s”!

I am not working with Ali presently, but you can believe it that I will be working with her again!!!! That is something I know WILL happen.

Jeni L

If you consider working with Ali, but you are afraid if your money are going to be spent well, if all of that “coaching thing” is worth the time and effort…I can tell you how it worked for me.
Ali managed to open my mind into a series of the most amazing changes in my life and my business. It was so much more than telling me “you can do it, girl!”
Coaching sessions gave me the ability to recognize and respond to various mechanisms which used to rule my life…and now they don’t because I control them with more and more confidence.
Thank you for each of our sessions, Ali, for every wise word, every laugh we had and every tear you have managed to wipe off me 🙂

Jagoda W

I started coaching sessions with Ali a few months ago and I’m extremely thankful that I did. 

Ali is a brilliant no nonsense coach, her sessions leave you feeling inspired and motivated. The best thing is there’s no wrong answers, no judgement and it’s a safe place to say exactly how you feel. She is helping me change my way of thinking which is benefiting my business and my personal life. 

I fully recommend her service if you feel like it’s time to make a change. You won’t regret it.

Kirsty R

I have been using Ali’s life coaching… I started my journey with this lady when I was at rock bottom and she was amazing in helping me reflect and understand what was going on in my life..

I don’t know if I could have managed to get over these issues without her. She is a rock, a great listener, understanding and a genuine lovely person.

So glad I met her and she helped me through this bad time in my life and steered me back onto the correct path. Xx

Nicole W

Today was my last session with Ali, and I have tears on my eyes, happy tears.. I want to come back. But right now I have a path I want go trough by myself with established map, that map was created trough our discussions and long conversations. Her support to me is huge, during this period of coaching so many things came out from the dark corners, Ali Poulton helped me to spill the light on them and catch the tail and look into the eyes of those creatures. The main thing – I feel supported, I never thought I might need it or will get this type of support from any coach. I even never think coaching is my thing. I want to thank you Ali for moments you listen to me, you question me and you talk to me ♡♡♡

Anna K

Ali Poulton has certainly helped me to refocus and get in to the right mindset within my business and personal life. I can highly recommend!

Karen B

I’ve worked with Ali for about 6 months now. I was hesitant at first but Ali has really helped me get out of my own head and focus. I highly recommend!

Lyndsey Smith

Ali is brilliant in challenging you think more openly, so that you get a deeper understanding and perspective on your issues, and in so doing enable you to make better decisions. Would highly recommend.
Anthony F

Ali has been my mentor for the past 5 years and has encouraged me to learn and grow over the years. Wonderful teacher and life coach. I owe so much to you Ali.

Lizz L

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