Have you reached that point yet?

There’s a point in all our lives where we really start to question everything. 

What am I doing with my life? 

Why am I doing it? 

Why am I here? 

Am I achieving what I dreamt about as a younger person? 

Am I really doing the best that I can? 

Am I enough? 

It can be quite an overwhelming and frustrating (sometimes angry) phase that can make you sad if you’re not careful  

It’s a time when you question your purpose. 

And that’s pretty big. 

So what is your purpose? 

I’ve read many books on purpose, meaning and fulfilment and the best way to describe it is to align your life with your values and live a life that is authentic to you doing the things that fill your heart and soul with joy.  

And the joy of living as a human being means that we have all had different experiences up to this point in our lives. We all have built our own core values based on many different factors and it doesn’t really matter what those are, what matters is you know what they are.

Mine, for example, are:


because I believe that if you’re not growing and learning then you’re dying. 


for myself, my family, my friends and everything and everyone in the world around me. 


especially on the work life front. Life doesn’t have to be work, work, work all day the home to binge watch some TV program before closing your eyes for 8 hours and doing the whole thing again.

And finally


if your life doesn’t make you feel fulfilled, then things need to change. They HAVE to before you break.

To create success in your life, you have to live by your values.

To have purpose in your life, you have to build something based on your values.

You have to live by them as fully as you can so that you can live your very best life. 

But ‘Purpose’ doesn’t generally hit most of us in the face with a clear path of what to do. You probably didn’t have some major event in your life that caused you to know what you wanted to do… 

And Purpose also doesn’t necessarily mean your career. It certainly helps if you’re doing something you love but I feel that people get lost thinking that their purpose needs to be fulfilled by a career and it doesn’t. 

Your job does need to be stimulating to you in some way. However I understand that a lot of people can’t just give up their jobs and venture into the unknown on a whim because they have responsibilites and bills to pay. 

Luckily, there are many ways that you can fill your life with purposeful activities and that is something for another post! 

A sense of purpose is knowing that you’re here for a reason and that your life is worth living. That is all.

Because your life IS worth living. You’re unique and special. Your skills are unique. Find what feels good for you to do and do more of it. Make your own sense of purpose and build your life around your values and you will fill fulfilled. 

Now if all that sounds a little out of your comfort zone but you’re curious as to how your life could change if you knew how, then you can jump on a call with me and get some clarity.

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