To me, it doesn’t really matter what your profession is.

I’m not a business or a career coach. You’ll be pleased to know, I won’t be spewing out yet more business theories or the next big profitability solution. It’s not my area of expertise. 

What matters to me is whether what you’re currently doing and achieving is creating the life balance that makes you fulfilled. That’s my thing. 

I’m a mindset coach.

And that’s not all about business. STOP THE PRESS!

Believe me, I’ve been there. Working all hours building a career all the while ignoring the other areas of my life, my family, my health, my sanity… ZERO life balance.

Until I reached a point of feeling underwhelmed and overwhelmed at the same time.

Something important was missing from my life but I couldn’t see what.

After all, I was doing the things that should bring me success.

Yet, I was arguing with my hubby, my girls were spending more and more time hiding in their tablets and my jeans were getting tight.


Pah! All I need is focus, right? Make a plan, follow the steps and life will get back to normal.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. What was going on in my head was so damaging that I couldn’t see past the negative talk and the doubts and fears.


What if I stopped paying so much attention to my career to focus on others, what would that mean?

Will I fail?

Will my business fail?

Is it too late to sort the other things out?

Can I actually be arsed? I’m alright just doing my own thing…

And I broke. And it hurt.

I stopped it all because I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

I had too much going on in my head that I didn’t know what I needed to work on next.

The Universe was throwing me some massive signals to pay attention to things but I was ignoring them thinking that I knew better.

So how did I get out of it?

I spent a serious amount of time doing some internal inspection.

Working out what was going on in my head. When I stopped cramming information in, I could see what there was already in there and sift through it so that I could create my plan.

I looked at my viewpoint of the world. Was I right? Were others wrong? Were they right? Was I wrong? ARGH!!!!!

I had some massive aha moments, learned a whole heap about myself and decided to totally change my career. 

Finding what was important to ME was my priority from now on. Finding MY life’s balance and what makes ME feel fulfilled.

After all, a successful career is only great if you have the lifestyle balance that goes with it. Remember that.

So, my question to you is:

What do you need to do to make your life balance better?

Don’t know? Are you in that place where I was?

I have a plan.

It’s as unique to you as your life is because as your mindset coach, I will work with you one-to-one basis to go through what’s happening just for you.

Imagine having someone to talk through everything with. No fear, no judgement, no need to impress. Just a space to breathe and be you.

We’ll work on what’s happening in your head:

Your mindset, your blocks, your negative patterns, your issues. We’ll discover the real you and I’ll help you through the work that needs to be done. 

I’ll help you create a plan of moving forward towards a fulfilling life whatever that involves. Yours is different to mine. And there’s no one size fits all fulfilment guide.

You may have more work or less than me to do. But I know because I have been there. 

It takes time and vulnerability and an acceptance that life isn’t quite how you planned it to be.

But, fortunately, it’s NOT TOO LATE.

I know that I can help you change your life. I’m so confident of that, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Nothing to lose and so much to gain. Now that’s a risk worth taking as far as I’m concerned.

Let’s get your life balance sorted!



Book a discovery call with me and let’s see how I can help.

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