Life Coaching seems so vague!

Why Life Coaching?

Creating success in this thing we call life.

There’s a coach for everything out there. Why would you want something as ‘vague’ as a life coach when you can:

  • get a business coach who can tell you all about how to build a business.
  • hire a fitness coach who can tell you all about eating well and creating an exercise regime.
  • get a relationship coach who can help you work on communication and interaction with your partner.
  • A finance coach, a success coach, an energy coach, a results coach, an executive coach, a public speaking coach, a write a book coach….

None of the work you do with these guys will make you happy if your mindset isn’t going to let it.

You may have beliefs that you don’t deserve to be successful, rich, happy, healthy. You may have beliefs that mean you don’t allow yourself to open up to someone else in order to create a truly deep and long-lasting relationship.

And the thing is, you probably don’t even know you have these beliefs. You won’t KNOW what’s blocking you or stopping you or what things you’re doing to self-sabotage. You probably just have a feeling of being stuck or you can’t create a plan to move forward or you can’t STICK to a plan that you’ve created and finish things.

Got that cold right before an important meeting that meant that you weren’t on top form and gave yourself an excuse to not succeed? Unconscious self-sabotage because you don’t believe you deserve to be successful or you have a fear of success… YES that exists too.

Procrastinate and get on with a load of other smaller, less important tasks when you have something big to take on? Fear of failure, of putting yourself out there and doing a the job and it not being good enough. Shame that people will judge you. Anxiety that you will lose your job if you have given it your best and it’s still not right.

These beliefs are hidden. Want you WANT to happen is being stopped on an unconscious level. For you, they’re REAL. They’re what you believe.

And that’s a huge bloody problem! How do you know what to change if you don’t know what’s stopping you from being happy and successful in the first place???

And THAT’S what I do.

I offer you the space to talk about your life, your struggles, your challenges so that we can look at them and see what’s happening up in that noggin of yours that is stopping you from being the success you WANT to be.

I give you the opportunity to open yourself up. To be vulnerable in a safe space so that you can truly understand yourself and know what you need to do to create the changes you need to make.

But you have to want that. You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable or it will never work.

If the very thought of being vulnerable makes you run a hundred miles in the opposite direction or you’re too scared that it will make you weak or less in charge, then you’re not ready for my life coaching.

Working with me is one of the most powerful, most difficult, most life-changing experiences you will ever do … IF you’re ready.

And that’s a HUGE IF.

Because most people aren’t. They don’t want to be vulnerable with anyone enough to be able to open themselves up to the true questioning that is required to create mindset change.

Most people just want to be told the answers and be given the solutions. Read a book on money mindset, and you should be rich, right?


Because your mind has to be in the RIGHT place to allow the information in to create the change that is required to get the success you want.

Your mindset is a powerful tool – possibly THE most important thing you can work on in your life. Without the right mindset, you WILL fail – no matter what.

Even if you somehow become a millionaire, without the right money mindset, you’ll unconsciously sabotage yourself and blow it all to make you poor again. Think of all the people who win the lottery and it’s all gone a few years later.

Even if you find the perfect parter, if deep down you don’t believe you’re worthy of being loved, you will start little arguments that will turn into bigger ones, you’ll find a fault with your partner that ‘wasn’t there before’ that you just can’t live with or you’ll go out and get drunk and shag someone else in order to force the relationship to come to a stop.

You can go on every new diet in the world and drop a bunch of lbs but if you associate happiness with comfort eating the wrong foods for you or you have a belief that you must eat everything on your plate because your parents told you that it was impolite to leave it, you’re always going to pile the weight back on sooner or later.

You don’t mean to! You don’t WANT to do these things. They just seem to happen. You know consciously what you need to do but you just don’t have the ‘willpower’ to stick to doing the right thing.

But I’m telling you that you’re creating it. Your subconscious mind does things that it was taught to do YEARS ago thinking it’s doing the right thing for you. You’re not arguing with it and rewiring it consciously because you didn’t know you could. You weren’t taught this shit in school, there’s no handbook for rewiring the brain. You just do the things you do without question because that’s how you’ve always done them.

I’m telling you NOW is the time to start questioning. Now is the time to start realising the truths that you’re living, the lies that you’re allowing yourself to believe, the values that you want to follow, the beliefs that you have.

Now is the time to get some massive self-awareness.

You know when people start saying they need to discover themselves, THIS IS IT. This is what they’re doing, they’re just doing it the way that suits them.

You’re going to questions absolutely EVERYTHING in your life and that is freakingly awesomely scary and freeing and petrifying and so valuable and so amazing because you’ll discover what’s important to you and you’ll discover that the rest is all just bullshit that you don’t need to worry about any more.

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