What is my purpose in life?

What the heck is your purpose in life?

Have you ever had that time when you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, thinking about your life and saying, “what the heck am I doing all this for?”

I think it hits most people at some point, sooner or later.

The important thing, though, is that you get there.

Furthermore, it’s actually a really good place to be because it means that you’re creating some potentially powerful self-awareness.

The Question of Purpose

You can choose one of four ways of dealing with it.

1. Ignore it.

Just put it to the back of your mind. It probably requires far too much thinking to solve anyway. If you ignore it enough times, you’ll get really good at just tuning the feelings out and you can just go on with life how it is.

2. Divert it .

Throw yourself into something else. Work. Money making. Buying new things. Trying new experiences. They’ll make sure that you’ve got far too much on to have the time to wonder about purpose.

3. Drown it out.

You don’t know what causes the feeling but you don’t particularly like it. It goes away with booze, drugs, food, sex so you just get more of those instead. Quick fix! Until next time.

If you’re one of the above, you’re not alone.

You just have to admit that this is what you’ve been doing, but are you ready? 

Now that you’re aware of your behaviour, you have a choice. You can consciously commit to continuing your previous path of dealing with these feelings and let go of the need to do anything more about it or you can…

4. Explore it.

Learn the power of digging deep into who you are as a person, what makes you tick and how you can make your life fulfilling. 

This is actually the best thing that you can do for your life and happiness.

Where do you put value in life? What’s truly important to you? How can you measure that value? How can you do more of those things? 

Are you doing things for you or because you think they should make you happy?

This takes time, it takes effort and it takes a real level of honesty, authenticity and vulnerability which most people aren’t willing to go to.

And it can bring up memories and feelings that you don’t want to work through but maybe you have to. 

Look at the events that have caused you to become you.

Unfortuantely, it’s often the events that have hurt you the most that have shaped you the most.

Even the things you don’t think of as being ‘big’ – a teacher telling you that you’d never amount to anything or your step-Dad saying that you’re a burden – can make a massive impact on who you’ve grown up to be.

Self-awareness is probably the most important thing that you can achieve in life and life can be transformed when you know who you are.

Spending time on this is worth every single minute. 

I know because I have been through it and now, as a transformational life coach, this is what I work on with my clients.

Start now by taking out a piece of paper and writing out all the thoughts and feelings that come into your head from reading this article.

What comes up for you? Memories? Goals? Mixed feelings? Do you want to explore those feelings in more depth?

Just keep writing. Keep questioning until you’ve had enough. Then let the thoughts sit there with you for now. Ponder them in times when you have a minute. 

You’ve started your journey. Well done. 

Understanding your values, your beliefs, the stories you tell yourself will break you from the mould of just getting through life to living a life of purpose.

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