Why you’ll always procrastinate until you get clear

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m the Queen of procrastination…

She makes sure she keeps be busy when I’m unsure of something, when I have multiple ideas running through my head, when there just seems to be too much to do on an important project and I don’t want to have to face it yet.

She’s the one who notices that the pile of washing hasn’t been touched in a couple of days (or hours or weeks depending on my level of OCD that week!)

She sees that the lawn needs mowing and the walls need wiping or repainting OR re-plastering, wiping AND repainting…

She wants me to rearrange the furniture in my office, lounge or kitchen cupboards.

She’s brilliant when I’m thinking of new business ideas because she makes me want to redo my website, my logo and my colour-scheme.

She gives me a whole heap of jobs that “will only take a couple of minutes”.

And she’s doing it for love.

Your Procrastinator is the same.

I’m going to say ‘It‘ when referring to your Procrastinator although I know that yours will be either a male or female character for you – and not necessarily the same as you are.

It makes sure that you have things to do when your other Energies are working out what to do with the real thing that you’re wanting to get on with.

It’s protecting you from feeling bad – giving you jobs that it knows you can do and that you will feel a sense of achievement once you have completed them.

It doesn’t want to bring out your Energies that it doesn’t like – like your inner critic or your lazy slob.

It’s happy and content where you are right now.

It thinks that you don’t need to change or grow or do anything new.

It wants to keep you safe – and by keeping you safe, I mean keeping you small.

‘Stepping outside your comfort zone’ is probably its least favourite phrase!

It basically means well but unfortunately doesn’t always align with your vision of what you want to achieve.

So how do you work with your Procrastinator?

Let’s take a step back and look at procrastination for a minute.

Procrastination is putting something off and doing something else in favour of it (I’ve no idea if that’s anything like the proper definition of what procrastination is but it’s my version!)

One of the main reasons we procrastinate is because a whole heap of your Energies is vying for your attention.

If you don’t know about your Energies, I’ll explain quickly.

Each of us is made up of numerous Energies or Selves which have formed throughout our lives. We are mainly run by a certain few and the make-up of those few is individual to each of us.

Normally, the key players are the Inner Controller / Protector, the Perfectionist, the Pleaser, the Pusher and the Inner Critic.

You will be automatically run by theses Energies through most of your early life until you reach what I call your first point of awareness.

Your first point of awareness.

This is that first moment when you realise that you are not your thoughts, that you’re something ‘above’ your thoughts and that you are the one in charge and not ‘sleeping’ through life.

It’s a magical and powerful moment that will change your life forever.

If you have reached this point already, the Energies will be the next step for your awareness; if you haven’t, I’ve probably already lost you from this blog post!

Back to the Procrastinator…

The key to working with your Procrastinator is to understand why it has come out.

What are you working on that it is afraid of?

Does it feel threatened by you aiming too high for its liking?

Which others of your Energies need to be heard, paid attention to and worked with so that your Procrastinator doesn’t need to pop out?

Learning to be above your Energies

You are above your Energies. You are The CEO of them all and, ultimately, you have to be the one in charge.

And a good leader listens to each of its subordinates and takes their opinions on board in order to make the best decisions possible.

If you’d love to find out more about your own Personal Energies, I’ve got a brand new course coming soon.

Complete your details below to be put on the waiting list for more details.


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